China’s Export Volume Shrinks

China says its export volume fell 1% in August, led by a 16% drop in shipments to the U.S.


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China says its export volume fell 1% in August, led by a 16% drop in shipments to the U.S.

China’s export volumes to Europe, South Korea and southeast Asia also declined last month, according to the government’s customs agency. Economists had expected that China’s exports would grow more than 2%.

China’s import volume dropped 6% last month, leaving the company with a global trade surplus of $34.8 billion, including a $27 billion with the U.S.

Analysts say China’s export volume appears likely to decline further through the end of 2019 as the U.S. applies more tariffs on the country’s goods in October and December. Some analysts don’t expects the two countries to end their trade war until late 2020 at the earliest.

China’s shrinking export volume comes even as the nation’s currency weakened last month to more than 7 yuan per U.S. dollar, its lowest in more than 11 years. A weaker currency, which makes Chinese goods cheaper in foreign markets, bolsters exports. But analysts say China also is feeling the effect of a general cooling across the global economy.

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