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Consortium Targets Components for Fuel Cell Trucks

Hyundai, Nikola Motor and Toyota and three hydrogen suppliers have agreed to develop standardized fueling hardware for fuel cell-powered heavy-duty trucks.
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Hyundai, Nikola Motor and Toyota have signed a memorandum of understanding with three hydrogen suppliers—Air Liquide, Nel and Shell—to jointly test and standardize fueling hardware for fuel cell-powered heavy-duty trucks.

Under the agreement, the companies will test pre-commercial 70-MPa high-flow fueling hardware for future Class 8 trucks. The group has created specifications for the fueling nozzle, vehicle receptacle, dispenser hose and breakaway device components.

Among the goals of the group is to enable fuel cell trucks from different manufacturers to refuel at common stations. The partners are targeting 10-minute refueling times. The driving range of the fuel cell trucks are expected to be equivalent to current diesel-powered trucks.

Hyundai, Nikola and Toyota all are in the process of launching their own fuel cell heavy-duty trucks. Honda, Hyundai and Toyota already offer fuel cell-powered passenger cars, as does Honda.

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