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Escalade Gets Veoneer’s Next-Gen Night Vision Tech

Seeing is believing with latest thermal imaging system
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"Veoneer's 4th generation thermal sensing system is a leap forward in the innovation of smaller automotive thermal cameras with increased resolution and improved analytics to enhance the detection of pedestrians and animals," boasts Jan Carlson, the supplier’s chairman and CEO.

Smaller, Lighter, Better

veoneer night vision

(Image: Veoneer)

The new night vision system is half the size and weight of Veoneer’s previous thermal sensing technology.

And it provides a wider field of view and four times greater resolution.

It’s Alive!

Sensing tiny temperature variances, the system provides an alternative to cameras and radar to help differentiate living objects—pedestrians, stray dogs and other animals—from their surroundings at extended distances (650 ft).

In addition to working in total darkness, the system is designed to function in fog, smoke, blinding headlights and other low-visibility conditions, according to the supplier.

Escalade First

2021 escalade

2021 Escalade (Image: Cadillac)

Touted as the first thermal camera used in an autonomous driver sensor suite, the system is debuting on the 2021 Cadillac Escalade.

The gen-4 camera is integrated into the upscale SUV’s front grille.

Drivers can view the thermal images on the Escalade's interior display screen.

Why It Matters

Three-fourths of pedestrian deaths happen at night, Veoneer says, citing NHTSA statistics. This compares with 20% during daylight hours and just 2% each at dusk and dawn.

Added Benefit

The smaller package size of the new system will allow Veoneer to ship more cameras per pallet, which the company notes will reduce delivery costs and transportation emissions.


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