| 12:26 AM EST

Feds Probe Another Tesla Crash Involving Autopilot Feature



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Federal investigators are looking into another crash involving a Tesla Model S electric sedan that was operating in semi-autonomous mode.

The crash occurred in South Jordan, Utah, on Friday. Tesla confirms the vehicle was in Autopilot mode when it rear-ended a stationary fire truck at a stop light. The company says the driver, who told police she was looking at her phone, didn’t touch the steering wheel for 80 seconds preceding the 60-mph impact.
The crash is being investigated by the National Highway Traffic Administration and National Transportation Safety Board.

The Autopilot system can steer and brake the car automatically under some conditions. But Tesla says the driver must pay continuing attention to traffic conditions and always be ready to take immediate control. Tesla adds that Autopilot is not to be used on roads with stop lights.