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Ford’s New Pre-COVID Production Target: June 22

Supply chain, healthy plants enable shorter timetable
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Ford, which hoped nine days ago to restore normal production in the U.S. by July 6, now expects to hit that target on Monday.

The company attributes the shorter timetable to the performance of its supply chain and success in maintaining a healthy environment within its factories.

Ford’s Dearborn Truck plant in Michigan  (Image: Ford)

2-Month Shutdown

Ford joined other carmakers in suspending operations in North America on March 18 as the coronavirus pandemic spread. The company reopened 18 of those facilities—led by two-shift operations at its truck and SUV plants—on May 18.

The company briefly shut down plants in Michigan and Illinois two days later when three workers tested positive for COVID-19. Both facilities were up and running again within one day.

Ford says it reached 96% of pre-pandemic production in North America two weeks ago.

On Monday, Ford will add third shifts at its truck plants in Chicago, Dearborn, Mich., and Louisville, Ky. The company tells the Detroit Free Press it hired about 1,000 hourly workers over the past four weeks to help with the relaunches.

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