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Geneva Cancels Auto Show

Detroit show, due in June, is monitoring developments


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Next week’s Geneva auto show has been canceled after the Swiss government banned all large events because of concerns about the coronavirus crisis.

Promoters say the show, which was to celebrate its 90th year, is too complex to reschedule for later this year but will return at this time in 2021.

15 Cases in Switzerland

Geneva auto show in happier times.   (Image: AutoBeat) 

Swiss authorities, citing the country’s Epidemics Act, have imposed an immediate ban on any gathering of more than 1,000 people, at least through March 15. The government so far has not declared any travel restrictions.

Switzerland has confirmed 15 cases of the virus since the first infection was reported there three days ago. All reports involve people who had traveled abroad. The country shares its southern border with Italy, where at least 650 cases and 17 fatalities have been confirmed.

The World Health Organization has tallied more than 82,000 coronavirus cases—including about 1,200 since yesterday—in 47 countries. More than 95% of all cases are in China, where the first infection was reported at the end of December.

Detroit Show Update

Organizers of the Detroit auto show, which is moving to mid-June this year, are closely monitoring coronavirus conditions in the U.S. They say they remain optimistic that any health issues will be resolved before their event occurs three months from now.

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