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Ghosn Aide Kelly Freed on Bond

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Greg Kelly, the Nissan Motor Co. board member arrested with ex-Chairman Carlos Ghosn on Nov. 19, was released on bond on Christmas Day.

Kelly, 62, posted bail of 70 million yen ($633,800) and was freed late Tuesday night. He has not been allowed to leave Japan.

Ghosn and Kelly have been accused of underreporting Ghosn’s compensation by about $43 million during fiscal 2011-2014. Ghosn was re-arrested on Dec. 21, this time on charges of assigning 1.9 billion ($16 million) in personal investment losses to Nissan. The new charges will extend his jail time by at least 10 days from that date.

Kelly’s reportedly had been scheduled to undergo surgery in the U.S. earlier this month. His wife Donna says he suffers from spinal stenosis, an ailment whose symptoms include numbness, tingling and/or shooting pains that could become permanent if not treated.

Kelly’s attorney says he will undergo treatment in a Tokyo hospital, according to local media reports.

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