| 10:15 PM EST

GM Drops Facebook, Again

Joins Ford, Honda, VW in protest over hateful content
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General Motors has stopped running ads on Facebook for the second time.

The company halted ad placements on the platform a few weeks ago because they sometimes ended up appearing near hateful content. GM says its suspension will continue at least through August and until Facebook becomes “a safer digital space that mirrors our brand values,” Bloomberg News reports.

Ford took a similar step in July by suspending its ads on all U.S. social media for a month. Honda dropped Facebook and Instagram, declaring it was standing “with people united against hate and racism.”

Broader Boycott

The actions by Ford and Honda were part of the #StopHateForProfit campaign launched in mid-June by several U.S. civil right groups. The initiative called for a one-month boycott of Facebook to protest what it described as the platform’s “long history of allowing racist, violent and verifiably false content to run rampant” on its site.

Among other participants are Boeing, Harley-Davidson, Unilever and Volkswagen of America, according to the group.

Honda says it has no plan to resume advertising on Facebook. Ford is returning to YouTube and Pinterest. But the carmaker says it will continue to shun Facebook, Instagram, Twitters, Snap and TikTok pending improvement in their “accountability transparency and trusted measurement to clean up the digital and social-media ecosystem.”


This isn’t GM’s first go-around with social media, although for a different reason.

The company stopped advertising on Facebook back in 2013, declaring the platform “ineffective.” But it came back a year later to promote its Chevrolet Sonic minicar through the mobile app version of Facebook.