| 9:49 AM EST

Goodyear Puts Smart Tires to the Test

Embedded sensors can help reduce stopping distances by 30%
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Goodyear is developing a smart connected tire system that the company claims can reduce stopping distance lost between a new and worn tire by 30%.

The technology uses embedded sensors to measure a tire’s wear, load, inflation and temperature. This information is paired with real-time road surface conditions and Goodyear’s cloud-based algorithms, which the company says will allow drivers or autonomous vehicle systems to adjust driving dynamics to optimize performance and safety.

Testing Stage

Over the past few years, Goodyear has conducted more than 3 million miles of road tests and field trials with the connected tires.

The latest focus is on testing the technology in conjunction with autonomous vehicle systems. Connected sensors can quickly identify changing road conditions and relay the information to other vehicle systems—and potentially other vehicles—to make the appropriate changes in speed, steering or braking.

No timeline was given for potential commercialization.