| 2:37 PM EST

Half of VW-Brand Models Don’t Meet New Emission Rules

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Volkswagen AG tells reporters that seven of its VW brand’s 14 main product lines have not yet shown they meet Europe’s new WLTP emission standard that takes affect on Sept. 1.

The brand’s top-volume model, the Golf hatchback, is among the model lines still awaiting certification, according to Thomas Zahn, the brand’s sales and marketing chief. He predicts the Golf will be cleared for sale by the end of September.

Several carmakers have warned that second-half profits will be hurt by sales disruptions caused by the switch in test methods. But VW appears to be much more impacted than any other carmaker.

Zahn says certification under the new World Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure takes two or three times as long as was necessary under the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) protocol it replaces.

The new testing method aims to shrink the significant gap between NEDC’s laboratory emission results and those found in real-world driving conditions. The WLTP includes both types of sampling.

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