| 6:46 PM EST

Hella Readies Next-Gen LED Headlights

Hella GmbH says its new LED headlights offer significantly better performance, improved packaging and allows carmakers to offer customized features.
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Hella GmbH says its new LED headlights offer significantly better performance, improved packaging and the ability to add customized features.

The 30,000-pixel array can be controlled individually and aimed more precisely, which Hella notes can be used to better illuminate pedestrians, road hazards and other vehicles. The high-resolution system also can be used for adaptive glare-free high beams and highlighting bicycle paths or construction zones.

Hella also envisions the technology being used to create customized features such as light animations when the vehicle is turned on or off. Such applications could be activated on a pay per use basis for shared vehicles via a smartphone or over-the-air software updates.

Hella says its array uses smaller LEDs, thus requires less installation space. The supplier will begin large-scale production in 2022 for an unnamed European luxury carmaker.

Watch a video about the technology HERE.