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Honda Partners with Neusoft on Connectivity

Tech joint venture expands years of collaboration
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Honda is launching a joint venture with a unit of Chinese information tech company Neusoft to develop connectivity-based mobility services.

The venture, called Hydex Mobility Service, will be based in Dalian and begin operations on July 1.

Honda will own 51% of the company, which is being capitalized at $42 million (300 million yuan). Its partner, Neusoft Reach Automotive Technology, will hold the balance.

Expanding CONNECT

Honda already offers an onboard system called Honda CONNECT in Japan and certain other markets outside the U.S.

Accessed through a smartphone app, the service can help users find their vehicles, alert them if they left their car unlocked (and lock the doors on command) and remotely turn on the air-conditioning system.

The system also can alert first responders in the event of a crash and summon a security guard if the parked vehicle’s alarm is triggered.

Future Features

The two companies have been collaborating for several years on projects concerning electrification, mobility sharing and, recently, connected services.

Formalizing its relationship with Hydex Mobility will help Honda further tap Neusoft Reach’s know-how in “big data” and artificial intelligence. The carmaker says it wants to expand CONNECT with such new features as software updates and personal assistance capabilities.

The ultimate goal, Honda adds, is to develop mobility products which “will grow together with their users and become a realizable partner to their respective users.”

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