Hyundai Teases Concept Fuel Cell Truck

Hyundai Motor Co. will unveil a fuel cell-powered heavy-duty truck and refrigerated trailer at next week’s Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.
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Hyundai Motor Co. will take the wraps off a fuel cell-powered heavy-duty truck and a refrigerated trailer at next week’s Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

Dubbed the HDC-6 Neptune, the concept truck’s exterior design is inspired by 1930s-era streamliner passenger trains. Media reports also compare Hyundai’s design to General Motors’ Parade of Progress concept Futureliners in the 1940s.

The Neptune’s minimalistic interior is highlighted by a large head-up display and a framed windshield with integrated touchscreens and video feeds in place of traditional rearview mirrors. No technical information was provided.

The HT Nitro ThermoTech trailer is described as a “high-performance refrigerated concept.”

The system was developed by Hyundai Translead, a San Diego-based subsidiary that produces dry and refrigerated van trailers, flatbeds, chassis and dollies.

Hyundai offers a range of commercial trucks (Classes 2-8) and buses. The vehicles are sold in 130 countries but not the U.S.


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