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Infiniti Reveals Rear Quarter of 2022 QX55

Will this mid-size crossover be the boost the company needs?
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It was on January 1, 2003, that Infiniti introduced a vehicle that it said was based on the theme of a “Bionic Cheetah.” Yes, that is true.

It was the FX45, a crossover that was meant to have characteristics of a sports car and a luxury vehicle, all wrapped up in one.

And now 17+ years later the company is preparing to reveal—on November 11, 2020—the successor to the FX, the QX55.


Infiniti will show the entire QX55 in November. (Image: Infiniti)

Information is scant at most. That is, it is a mid-size crossover. It has “the sleek profile of a sports coupe.” It will have “innovative technologies.”

And based on the photo, it has interesting taillamps.

The model year 2022 QX55 is expected to launch in the spring of 2021.

For the first half of 2020 Infiniti sales were off 33.9% compared with 2019, with total sales of 41,653. (By way of comparison, Acura delivered 55,990 during the same period.)

Bionic Cheetah. It’s hard to let that go.

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