| 11:17 AM EST

JLR Touts Fuel Cells Over Batteries for Big SUVs

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Battery power may be a bad idea for large SUVs because of the high aerodynamic drag typical of such vehicles, Jaguar land Rover Ltd. says.

Fuel cells may eventually offer a more attractive option to piston power—if their hydrogen fuel is made using renewable energy sources that don’t create high carbon dioxide emissions, engineering chief Nick Rogers tells reporters in England.

JLR is beginning to adopt hybrid powertrains for some SUVs. It also makes the relatively aerodynamic Jaguar I-Pace all-electric crossover vehicle (pictured).

But the company has not indicated plans to build a large SUV powered entirely by batteries. Rogers notes that boxy SUVs need larger batteries, which add weight and reduce range at highway speeds.

Fuel cells remain considerably more expensive than batteries. But Rogers says they also could offer a superior option because of their short refueling time and lighter construction.