| 8:42 AM EST

Kandi: An EV for Under $18,000

That is not a typo


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Kandi America, a company that you’ve probably not heard of, has announced a special price on the electric vehicles (EVs) that it intends to launch in the market in the fourth quarter:

The K27 for $17,499 and the K23 for $27,499.

And if those numbers aren’t sufficiently appealing, know that with the $7,500 federal tax credit, the prices are $9,999 and $19,999.

The deal runs until there are 1,000 orders for each of the EVs.

Kandi cars

The Kandi K27 (left) and the K23 (right) being introduced. (Image: Kandi America)

So what, you might wonder, are the K27 and the K23?

The K27 is a diminutive sedan (136.22 inches long, 57.87 inches wide, 63.58 inches high, and with a 95.65-inch wheelbase). It is said to seat four. It has a 17.69-kWh battery, a 20-kW motor and a 100-mile estimated range.

The K23 is a larger vehicle (156.4 inches long, 64.5 inches wide, 63.9 inches high and with a 104.3-inch wheelbase). It is described as being an SUV-style. Which visually it appears not to be. It has a 41.4-kWh battery, a 21-kW motor and a 188-mile estimated range.

Kandi America, which is based in Garland, Texas, is a subsidiary of Kandi Technologies Group, which has its headquarters in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province.