Koenigsegg Readies Cheaper Supercar with Hybrid Power

Sweden’s Koenigsegg AB says it will unveil a “budget priced” $1 million hybrid-electric supercar next year.


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Sweden’s Koenigsegg AB plans to unveil a “budget priced” hybrid-electric supercar next year, CEO Christian von Koenigsegg tells Autocar.

At an estimated $1 million, the unnamed model will cost less than half that of Koenigsegg’s ultra-pricey Agera and Regera hypercars.

Development has been accelerated with a cash infusion from National Electric Vehicle Sweden, which acquired a 20% stake in Koenigsegg in January. The two companies also formed a joint venture, in which NEVS holds a 65% stake and Koenigsegg owns the remaining 35%.

Autocar says the new car’s hybrid drivetrain will feature a 5.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 with camless valve control. The high-powered V-8 also will be used in the $3 million Jesko, which was unveiled at the Geneva auto show in March.

The camless technology, supplied by Koenigsegg’s Freevalve AB subsidiary, has been showcased in several prototype vehicles. Instead of a camshaft, the system uses pneumatic-hydraulic actuators to open and close engine valves—similar to the setup in some Formula One racecar engines—to improve efficiency and reduce complexity.

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