| 1:07 AM EST

Mercedes Recalls Nearly 745,000 Faulty Sunroofs

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Daimler is calling back 744,900 Mercedes-Benz cars in the U.S. to check for glass sunroof panels that could blow off while the vehicle is moving.

In case you’re wondering, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants you to know that a sunroof on the loose would pose an obvious road hazard for other drivers.

The U.S. recall covers 2001-2011 models C-, CLK-, CLS- and E-Class sedans. Daimler figures about 2% of the panels weren’t properly bonded onto their frames. NHTSA says the problem may affect vehicles in that group whose sunroofs were previously repaired.

A 2-Year-Old Mystery

Daimler got wind of the issue two years ago from isolated field reports in markets outside the U.S. But it took the company nearly two years to pinpoint the cause of the problem after reviewing the manufacturing records of its sunroof supplier. The troublesome design went out of production more than a decade ago.

In the U.S., dealers will inspect the panels and replace them if necessary. The recall is expected to begin this week. It isn’t clear how many more cars Daimler may decide to recall outside the U.S. to fix the same problem.

You can click HERE to determine specifically which models are involved in the recall.