| 11:48 AM EST

Morgan Plans New Flagship Model



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British niche carmaker Morgan Motor Co. is developing an all-new flagship model that will be launched in the mid-2020s.

The company tells Autocar that the rear-wheel-drive sports car will be built on a new aluminum chassis in coupe and roadster variant. The weight and dimensions will be similar to Morgan’s current platforms, but the new architecture will be twice as stiff.

The chassis will debut next year on a separate unspecified model in conjunction with Morgan’s 110th anniversary, according to the report.

The sports car will set a new design direction for Morgan. But some of the brand’s signature styling cues will be maintained, including a long hood, round headlights, sloping rear and “coach-built authenticity.”

Power will come from a fuel-efficient, turbocharged 6-cylinder engine rather than a naturally aspirated V-8 that Morgan previously has favored. Electrified versions also are said to be in the works.

The unnamed flagship model is being developed by an internal Morgan team of about 30 engineers and designers, Autocar says.