| 12:51 PM EST

New Garmin Dash Cam Adds Driver Alerts



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Garmin International Inc.'s latest Dash Cam video recorder includes alerts that warn drivers of potential collisions when they are approaching another vehicle rapidly or following too closely. The system also shows upcoming red lights and automatic speed cameras.

The windshield-mounted system has a 3.0-inch LCD display and built-in GPS system. As with Garmin's other video cameras, the new Dash Cam 35 model starts recording in a continuous loop when a vehicle is turned on. A sensor detects when an accident occurs and automatically saves footage immediately prior to and after the impact.

The GPS-enabled Dash Cam 35 stamps footage with date, time, latitude, longitude and vehicle speed information. Users can choose between three high-definition settings: 1080p, 720p or WGA.

Footage is stored on a replaceable memory card and can be played back directly on the display or saved to another device via a free downloadable Garmin app. In addition to video images, the camera also can be removed from the car and used to take close-up photos to document vehicle and/or property damage.

The Dash Cam 35 has a suggested retail price of $200. Garmin also is introducing a new base model, Dash Cam 30 without GPS or driver alerts that has a 1.4-inch LCD display and costs $170. The new models will be available in the fourth quarter.


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