| 12:00 PM EST

NHTSA Launches AV Test Tracking Tool

NHTSA launches a website that provides an up-to-date look on a slice of automated driving testing across the country
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“This tool gives the public online access to data about the on-road testing of automated driving systems so the public can understand more about this new technology,” said U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao, speaking of the just-launched online tool that is part of the Automated Vehicle Transparency and Engagement for Safe Testing (AV TEST) Initiative, which is being overseen by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). 

AV test

(Image: NHTSA)

The platform will allow people to see where automated vehicle testing is going on in 17 cities, including Austin, Columbus (Ohio), Dallas, Denver, Jacksonville, Orlando, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Companies providing information to the site about their programs are Beep, Cruise, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Local Motors, Navya, Nuro, Toyota, Uber, and Waymo

There are three tabs on the AV Test page: Testing Locations, State Info, Company Info.

The site provides information on what and where is being tested, all the way to specific vehicles and streets upon which the testing is being performed.

There is also information from states providing information about their AV programs, legislation, policy and additional information.

While the tool is meant to provide people who may be passingly interested in autonomous driving up-to-date information, it is also a rabbit hole for those who are really interested, as you’ll see on the AV Tool site.