Nissan Sues Ghosn’s Sister for “Unjust Enrichment”

Nissan Motor Co. rhas sued former Chairman Carlos Ghosn’s older sister in a Rio de Janeiro court for “unjust enrichment,” Reuters reports.
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Nissan Motor Co. has sued former Chairman Carlos Ghosn’s older sister in a Rio de Janeiro court for “unjust enrichment,” Reuters reports.

The news service cites court documents for the lawsuit, which was filed against Claudine Bichara de Oliveira. But Reuters offers no specifics about the charges.

Media reports in Japan say she has been living in a Rio apartment owned by Nissan for Ghosn’s use. Ghosn and Nissan have been battling over access to the unit since his arrest in Japan on Nov. 19.

Ghosn says the apartment contains personal items, including artwork, documents and cash. Nissan claims he should be blocked from access because the unit may contain evidence to support Dec. 13’s indictment charging him with hiding $43 million in compensation.

Ghosn also reportedly arranged 16 years ago for Nissan to begin paying Bichara de Oliveira $100,000 per year as an adviser. But the reports say there apparently are no records of her doing work for the company.

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