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Nissan Tests Pricy Subscription Plan

Daily swaps and lots of choices
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Many carmakers have tried to coax customers into subscribing to services that give them access to a whole fleet of models to drive.

Nissan is the latest to give the idea a try in the U.S. But at $700 or $900 per month, it’s difficult to see who would be interested.

Daily Switches

Nissan Switch, as the service is called, gives a subscriber the ability to jump in and out of as many as 11 sedans, sports cars, crossovers and pickup truck models. The plan’s unique feature: Customers can switch to a different vehicle every day.

2020 Nissan GT-R   (Image: Nissan)

The monthly fee also covers insurance, vehicle delivery, routine maintenance, car washes and roadside assistance.

For now, Nissan is testing its service through a single dealership in Houston. The company’s goals are to gauge overall interest, find out which models customers most want to drive, chart how often they actually swap their rides and get feedback about pricing.

Two-Tier Selection

There’s a $495 membership activation. For a base monthly fee of $699, users get access to an Altima midsize sedan, Rogue compact crossover, Pathfinder midsize SUV and Frontier midsize pickup truck.

At the alternate $899 level, the available fleet adds the Maxima large sedan, Leaf Plus long-range electric car, 370Z sports car, Murano midsize crossover, Armada large SUV and Titan fullsize pickup.

Top-tier customers also can slip behind the wheel of Nissan’s legendary GT-R high-performance sports car. But that option is available for no longer than one week and costs an additional $100 per day.

Econ 101

Nissan clearly is banking on the appeal of variety and swappability to make Nissan Switch click with consumers.

But the logistics of maintaining a large selection and handling daily home deliveries makes this a costly business proposition. The big challenge will be to find a way for the Nissan Switch to make economic sense.

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