| 3:43 PM EST

Pirelli Demos 5G-Enabled Tire

Italy’s Pirelli & Co. has tested a tire that uses an embedded 5G-chip to transmit road data back to the vehicle and other road users.
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Italy’s Pirelli & Co. has unveiled Cyber Tire technology that uses an embedded 5G-enabled sensor to transmit road performance data back to the vehicle and others nearby.

The demonstration at a technical event in Turin was the first public test of a tire transmitting data over a 5G-based vehicle-to-everything communications network, according to the supplier. The tiremaker partnered with Audi, Ericsson, Italdesign and KTH on the program.

During the test, Pirelli’s Cyber Tire was able to share information about road conditions to the infrastructure and following vehicles. As soon as the sensor detected moisture on the road or tire slippage, appropriate data was transmitted over a 5G network. Such information can be used to alert the driver of the host vehicle and others about potentially dangerous conditions.


Pirelli says tire sensors also can be used to monitor air pressure, internal temperatures, tread depth, miles traveled and vehicle loads. Emerging 5G systems allow information to be shared in real-time to various users.