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Porsche Clarifies Macan EV Strategy

Porsche AG will continue to make the current piston-powered version Macan compact crossover when the all-electric second-generation version debuts a few years from now.
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Porsche AG will continue to make piston-powered versions of its Macan compact crossover when an all-electric second-generation model debuts 2-3 years from now.

Both models will share the same exterior and interior styling. Reports earlier this week said the Macan would be sold exclusively as an EV in the future.

But the carmaker explains it will sell an updated version of the current model (pictured) with a piston engine alongside the next-generation Macan EV for an unspecified time in certain markets.


News of the dual-model strategy was first reported by Autocar. Porsche tells the British enthusiast magazine that continuing the current Macan is justified because some markets don’t have the infrastructure to fully support EVs.

The electrified Macan will ride on Volkswagen Group’s PPE (Premium Platform Electric) architecture. The gasoline-powered model will continue to ride on the Audi-developed MLB (Modular Longitudinal) platform.

Autocar suggests that Audi may adopt a similar strategy for the Q5 crossover by continuing to offer the current model after launching a next-generation electric version.

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