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Recalls? There’s an App for That

NHTSA app alerts owners about recalled vehicles and equipment
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Has your car been recalled? Now your phone can let you know.

This long-overdue feature, dubbed the SaferCar App, is a free download from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for Android and iOS phones.

Virtual Garage

The app is being rolled out today. It can be set up to monitor multiple vehicles—including cars, vans, trucks and motorcycles—simply by typing in or scanning their vehicle identification numbers.

Users also can use the app to create a “virtual garage” to monitor the status of such equipment as tires, trailers and child safety seats.

If your vehicle or other equipment is recalled, the app will display a short, easy-to-understand description of the problem. It can even help users locate the nearest dealership equipped to handle the free recall repairs.

Other Features

That’s not all. The new app also enables its users to access NHTSA’s five-star safety ratings, research the best child car seats or report a safety problem.

NHTSA emphasizes that it won’t capture or sell user information, all of which remains within the phone.

The agency points out that 53 million vehicles and vehicle-related equipment were recalled last year alone. NHTSA estimates that one in four of all vehicles currently on the road is driving around with a recalled but unrepaired safety issue.

Click HERE or visit www.nhtsa.gov/safercar-app to view a short NHTSA video that explains how the SaferCar App works.

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