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Renault-Nissan Open Israeli Innovation Lab

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Alliance partners Renault SA and Nissan Motor Co. have opened an innovation lab in Tel Aviv, Israel, that will work with local tech startups.

The 17,200-sq-ft facility will develop and test prototype systems and conduct proof-of-concept research. The center’s focus will be on sensors for autonomous driving, cyber-security and big data.

Research in these areas already has begun with partners such as Apollo Power, Argus, AutoTalks, BrightWay Vision, Electreon, Enigmatos, IRP systems, Karamba, Moodify, Saferide and Upstream.

The lab also is working with Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi’s Alliance Ventures capital fund. Created last year, the unit aims to invest as much as $1 billion in startups and early stage development companies in coming years.

Renault-Nissan also is partnering with the Israel Innovation Authority and will test products in Tel Aviv’s CityZone “smart” city area under real-world conditions.

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