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Study: Shift to Electrics Could Cut 75,000 Jobs in Germany

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About 75,000 jobs in Germany could vanish if carmakers there follow through with aim to make 25% of their vehicles all-electric by 2030, Reuters reports.

An analysis commissioned by carmakers and labor unions suggests 100,000 or more jobs could be threatened if the ratio of EVs is greater.

The study bases its findings on data from BMW, Bosch, Daimler, Schaeffler, Volkswagen and ZF. Half the 840,000 auto industry jobs in Germany will eventually be touched by electromobility, says German union IG Metall.

Electrification will create some new jobs, but it also will eliminate engine and drivetrain work, Reuters says. Bernd Osterloh, labor’s top representative at VW, points out that EVs have far fewer parts and take 30% less time to assemble than piston-powered vehicles. He adds that an EV battery factory requires only 20% as many workers as an engine plant.

German unions say carmakers and government need to develop strategies to manage the industry’s transformation so as to minimize the impact on employment.

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