| 2:48 PM EST

Study Shows Americans Leery of Chinese Cars

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One-third of American motorists wouldn’t consider buying a vehicle from a Chinese carmaker, according to a poll by car-shopping website Autolist.

Just 27% of those polled say they would consider buying a vehicle from a Chinese company, while 38% weren’t sure. The study surveyed 1,565 car owners in the U.S.

Owners of U.S.-branded models are the least likely to buy a Chinese car, with only 22% of the group saying they were open to the idea. This compares with 29% of those who own a European nameplate and 34% who drive a Japanese or Korean model.

One in four respondents cite poor reliability as a reason for not considering buying a Chinese car. Other top concerns include safety (21%) and lack of an established dealer network (15%).

Of the respondents who say they would consider a Chinese-branded car, 40% cite price as the primary driver. Technology (18%) and safety (15%) are the next-most-important factors listed.

Three in four of those surveyed say they have never heard of any of the six Chinese carmakers listed: BYD, Chery, GAC, Geely, Lynk & Co. and SAIC. Chery fares the best of the Chinese brands with a recognition rate of about 6% among American car owners.