| 8:22 AM EST

Stupid Car Tricks

Distracted driving is a bad thing. A costly thing. A dangerous thing. What don’t people understand about that? Plenty.


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First, let’s get the obligatory warning out of the way: Don’t try this in your vehicle.

That’s as in things that distract you from the function of driving a vehicle that weighs about two-tons. (Think about this: If someone put you in the cab of a giant piece of agricultural equipment and said, “Drive from this side of the empty field to the other side of the empty field,” odds are you’d grip the wheel as though you were trying to crush it and you’d pay attention to every foot you traversed. Get in a car? Bah.)

“Why?” you may wonder (unfortunately).

Well, look at this chart from The Zebra, an insurance search site:

Distracted driving

(Image: The Zebra)

Note how much distracted driving violations can cost when it comes to insurance premiums.

And now for the entertaining (and possibly disgusting) part.

The Zebra surveyed 2,600 drivers in 25 cities to find out what sorts of distraction-causing activities they participated in while driving.

Among them are:

  • Reading something on the phone or other device: 58%
  • Texting: 56%
  • Nose picking (seriously?): 47.2%
  • Put on or taken off clothing: 26.8%
  • Engaged in sexual activity: 14.9%
  • Vomited: 7%
  • Put in contact lenses: 2.2%

Words fail us.