Tesla to Begin Erecting German Plant in 2020

Tesla Inc. reportedly will begin construction of an assembly plant in Germany next spring.
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Tesla Inc. reportedly will begin construction of an assembly plant in Germany next spring.

Joerg Steinbach, economics minister for the state of Brandenburg, tells reporters the multi-billion-euro facility will be erected in an industrial park in Gruenheide, Automobilwoche reports.

The German factory, which will join Tesla’s factories in California and Shanghai, is expected to initially employ at least 3,000 workers when it begins operations in 2021. At full capacity, which will include battery assembly, the complex will employ more than twice that many people.

CEO Elon Musk says the plant’s first product will be Tesla’s yet-to-be-launched Model Y midsize electric crossover vehicle. That model shares its platform with the Model 3 sedan, which is likely to be added to the German facility’s lineup.

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