| 3:55 PM EST

UAW Members Hike Pay for Senior Leadership by 31%


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Delegates to the United Auto Workers union’s annual convention in Detroit have overwhelmingly approved a 31% raise for their salaried international leaders.

The union says hefty increases are intended to better align the pay for top UAW officials with that of the leaders of other trade unions. Proponents also say the union’s relatively low salaries have hindered its ability to ally with or absorb other unions.

The new pay rates boost the president’s salary to $200,700 and raise the pay of the secretary-treasurer to $186,300 and vice presidents to $180,600. Members of the UAW’s executive board each will receive $166,100 per year, Automotive News reports.

Separately, delegates approved modifications to the higher union dues adopted four years ago that index the payments to the size of the union’s strike and defense fund. Dues would drop 20% if the fund exceeds $850 million but be reinstated if the fund shrinks to less than $650 million.


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