| 5:52 PM EST

Valeo Touts "Transparent" Trailer Display

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Valeo SA’s XtraVue Trailer system is designed to help drivers to “see through” a towed trailer.

The French supplier demonstrated the technology at this week’s CES electronics show in Las Vegas. But the company didn’t provide any timeline for commercial applications.

The system uses cameras mounted at the rear of the vehicle and trailer. The camera feeds are combined into a homogenous image to show the driver a view behind the trailer.

At CES, Valeo demonstrated the system on a separate display mounted on the center console. Production models likely would integrate the camera feed into a vehicle’s existing infotainment system.

Valeo says the technology would help vehicles with a towed trailer, boat or other vehicle make lane changes, drive in reverse and complete parking maneuvers.

Several other companies have demonstrated or offer similar technologies. Jaguar Land Rover showed a prototype system in 2015 that displayed the view behind the trailer as well as inside to check on the well being of horses and other animals during transport.

In 2016, General Motors launched a similar system for the Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck. The dealer-installed package includes two side cameras and a third camera mounted on the top rear edge of the trailer.