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Volvo to Standardize “Care Key” Speed Limiter

Volvo Cars plans to standardize a device that allows users to limit the top speed of their vehicle, starting in the 2021 model year.
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Volvo Car Corp. plans to provide its new “Care Key” device, which allows users to limit the top speed of their vehicle, with all its cars starting in the 2021-model year.

The software is built into a vehicle’s key fob. This allows owners to set and change speed limits for themselves and other drivers.

Volvo says it is working with insurance companies to develop reduced rates for vehicles equipped with the technology. The carmaker envisions the system being especially useful for the parents of teenage drivers.

The Care Key system is the second speed-limiting initiative Volvo is implementing. Earlier this month, the carmaker said all its future models—excluding its high-performance Polestar brand—will be restricted to speeds of 180 kph (112 mph) or less. The top speed of current Volvo vehicles ranges from about 120 mph to 155 mph.