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Waymo Robo-Taxies Test In-Car Wi-Fi

Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo unit has begun offering free wi-fi to select riders who use its robo-taxi pilot program in Chandler, Ariz., Reuters reports.
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Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo unit has begun offering free wi-fi to select riders who use its robo-taxi pilot program in Chandler, Ariz., Reuters reports.

The service allows riders to connect laptop computers to the internet, stream videos and access email. Most motorists already can access the internet via their smartphones.

The company says its program adheres to the company’s general privacy policy. There are no usage restrictions.

Waymo operates more than 500 self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans in Chandler and the greater Phoenix area. The vehicles, which have human backup drivers, can be hailed at any time of the day. Last month, the city of Chandler began allowing staffers to expense Waymo rides for work-related trips, according to Reuters.

In recent months, Waymo also has added several other rider amenities aimed at providing a pleasant environment. This includes pre-setting cabin temperatures to 72° F, equipping all vehicles with a rear child-seat and offering commercial free streaming music—with customizable playlists—via Alphabet’s Google Play Music service.


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