Objects of Interest- Feb 09

Angled Cutting HeadBIG Kaiser’s Slender Drive Angle Head allows for 90o cutting operations within bores as small as 30 mm with a maximum speed of up to 2,000 rpm.


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BIG Kaiser’s Slender Drive Angle HeadAngled Cutting Head
BIG Kaiser’s Slender Drive Angle Head allows for 90o cutting operations within bores as small as 30 mm with a maximum speed of up to 2,000 rpm. Available in CAT 40/50 and BT 40/50 tapers, with six attachments to choose from—three small diameters and three large, with varying lengths—the heads provide a maximum cutting tool centerline depth of 125 mm.
ATI Industrial Automation’s QC-1210Robotic Tool Changer
ATI Industrial Automation’s QC-1210 robotic tool changer can handle payloads up to 2,650 lb. through the use of three patent-pending fail-safe locking mechanisms. The modular design allows for multiple modules to be mounted on any of the six available flats. The use of common lock/unlock air supply and sensing methods provides user with the ability to receive one signal from the tool charger or from the three individual locking mechanisms.
NSK’s MCH SeriesMonocarrier Actuator
NSK’s MCH Series monocarrier linear actuator’s lightweight, compact single-axis design combines NSK ballscrews, linear guides and support bearings into a single unit capable of functioning as a beam member in machine structures for assembly, inspection and equipment transportation applications.
Mahr Federal’s Linear 100Precision Length Measuring Machine
With a direct measuring range of up to 2 in. and an application range of up to 4 in., Mahr Federal’s Linear 100 high-precision, universal length measuring instrument includes a 3 x 3 in. measuring table and 4- to 40-oz. adjustable measuring force that remains constant over the entire measuring range using the Abbe principle, in which the measuring arm and reference are in line with each other to eliminate cosine errors. The solid cast body reduces potential twisting errors, with ID/OD results and present values presented on an integrated digital display.
Magid Glove & Safety’s CutMaster XKSCut-Resistant Work Gloves
Magid Glove & Safety’s (www.magidglove.com)work gloves are manufactured using XKS yarn, as opposed to HPPE yarn, earning them an ANSI Cut level 4 rating, which is 2.5-x greater cut protection than HPPE. XKS is made from a combination of stainless steel wire, Kevlar and high-performance fibers,. There’s no wire popping for improved longevity even after repeated washings, with the added benefit of improved fitment and agility.
Technifor’s XF510CpIntegrated Marking Unit
Technifor’s XF510Cp high-speed marking system can process up to 10 characters per second on both metallic and plastic parts of varying shapes and sizes. Measuring just 5.4 in. x 3.4 in. x 4.5 in. and weighing 5 lb., the system includes RS232, USB and Ethernet connections and an 8 input/4 output card with traceability.
Gleason’s 160TWGThreaded Wheel Grinder
Capable of hard finish grinding cylindrical gears up to 160 mm diameter, Gleason’s 160TWG threaded wheel grinder features a high-speed cam-driven double-grip loader and integrated stock dividing sensor for improved efficiency and accuracy. Patented anti-twist capability reduces flank twist, while Gleason’s patent-pending VRM grinding process is designed to produce much quieter gears by making subtle kinematic adjustments in the grinding process.
Red Lion Controls’ plant floor marqueeLarge 3-Color Displays Readable Up to 600 Feet
Red Lion Controls’ (www.redlion.net) plant floor marquee (PFM) series of highly visible, multi-color LED displays are optimized for communicating critical machine status and production data instantly across the plant floor. The largest PFM is easily readable at distances up to 600 ft (182 meters). The PFM series features a graphical 3-color display—available in four sizes—that can convey production targets, machine faults and other custom messages. Red Lion’s host devices and free Crimson® software allow the PFM to receive message data from virtually any device on the factory floor.
Mori Seki’s MV1003LVertical Machining Center
Expanding upon the foundation set by the MV-1003B vertical machining center, Mori Seki’s MV1003L provides a wider work envelope and rigid structure for heavy-duty cutting. Powered by a direct-drive spindle motor capable of handling high-speed turning applications, the machine has an X-axis stroke of up to 138 in. and a table working surface up to 154 in. x 40 in., with the ability to handle four types of spindles
Creform’s Crate CartCustom Length Cart Platform
Creform’s Crate Cart is specifically designed to handle the transport and warehousing of oversize parts and containers. Capable of handling up to 1,500 lb. load bear capacity, the cart’s plastic-coated steel pipe design—with diameters up to 42 mm—can be reconfigured to handle items up to 155-in. long, 31-in. wide and 16-in. tall by cutting pipe sections to the required lengths and then assembling them using fastener-tightened metal joints. Hinges, hangers, latches, stops, leveling feet and clamps can also be added to accommodate complex handling applications.