Objects of Interest: March 2008

Compact Robotic SystemsNachi Robotic Systems (www.nachirobotics.com) Presto ST robotic series now includes the SC70L and ST100 multi-purpose models ideal for mounting new lightweight spot welding guns.


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Compact Robotic Systems

Nachi Robotic Systems (www.nachirobotics.com) Presto ST robotic series now includes the SC70L and ST100 multi-purpose models ideal for mounting new lightweight spot welding guns. However, the wrist torque is sufficient to support large material handling grippers. Utilizing a space-saving concept, the robots are said to be ideal for compact system solutions or high-density/multi-layered robotic installations. Said to have the ability to operate with a 60,000-hr. mean time between failures rating.


Slotting Cutters

Iscar's (www.iscar.com) MINI-TANGSLOT slotting cutters carry tangentially clamped inserts with four cutting edges and a unique chipformer design for reduced cutting forces and improved finished surface quality with the ability to machine within ±0.031-in. while also reducing chatter.


Solid Carbide Drills

Seco Tools' (www.secotools.com) Feedmax high-performance solid carbide drills are capable of achieving cutting speeds of up to 770 ft./min. and feedrates of up to 0.028-in./rev. for increased output. Self-centering geometry eliminates the need for center drilling operations. A special TiAIN low-friction coating improves chip evacuation and extends tool life; a high-strength carbide rod minimizes the risk of breakage. Drills are available in lengths of 3x- , 5x- and 7x-diameters and diameters from 0.0787 in. to 0.797 in.


Portable Torque Testing

Mecmesin's (www.mecmesin.com) Tornado portable torque tester assesses low-level torques associated with small rotating devices, including automotive electrical controls and small engineering components. Pass/fail alerting with five programmable memory settings and an onboard memory of up to 500 readings provide reliable measurements. Tornado is available in four capacity models: 13 lbf.in., 26 lbf.in., 50 lbf.in. and 90 lbf.in.


CAD/CAM for Mold & Die Applications

Product designers specializing in mold and die products can improve their productivity and enhance designs with the latest version of VX Corp.'s (www.vx.com) VX Version 13 CAD/CAM software. Enhanced embossing tools automatically smooth out irregular surfaces, while the ability to model with real-time analysis tools provides instant feedback on curvature and draft angles. It also features a photo-realistic rendering engine that improves the image quality. A textured objects application allows designers to see real-time views of products while they are being designed. Motion simulations capabilities permit studying moving parts in assemblies, allowing interferences to be checked.


Bore Gauges

Sunnen's (www.sunnen.com) PG-Series bore gauges do not require electrical or air connections, which the company says makes them immune to fluctuations in line voltage or air pressure. Can be mounted directly at the machining station; the gauges provide readouts down to 0.000050 in. for 100% inspection of diameter, taper, barrel, bell mouth, out-of-round, and lobing; a sliding faceplate with adjustable stops allows end-to-end examination of bores.


Slant Bed CNC Lathe

Capable of machining large-diameter shafts, CENTRIC International's (www.centric-intl.com) Top-Turn S50 Series Slant Bed CNC lathes offer a 12-in. chuck, 25-in. center height and 50-in. swing over bed; provides 26 in. in the X- and 78-in. and 236 in. in the Z-axis. The ability to operate at low rotational speed with high-torque provides improved stability and precision in heavy-duty cutting operations.


Combination Inserts

Iscar's (www.iscar.com) new HELIDO UPFEED, H600 and WXCU 08 inserts feature a unique geometry to facilitate milling at very high feedrates; can machine at up to 0.138 in per tooth. The inserts have a 17° lead angle cutting edge which allows the cutting forces to be directed axially towards the spindle for improved stability 

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