Objects of Interest: September 2008

Digital OscilloscopesLeCroy's (www.lecroy.com) WavePro 7 Zi Series oscilloscope operates in the 1.5-GHz to 6-GHz bandwidth range with 50 and 1M input capability.


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Digital Oscilloscopes
LeCroy's (www.lecroy.com) WavePro 7 Zi Series oscilloscope operates in the 1.5-GHz to 6-GHz bandwidth range with 50 and 1M input capability. The 4- and 6-GHz models have both ProBus and ProLink inputs for attachment of up to eight probes, which can be multiplexed by remote control. Ten different SMART triggers allow for improved isolation for quick problem resolution

Capacitive Sensors
With more than 250 different configurations to choose from, Balluff's (www.balluff.com) new capacitive sensor line can detect solids or liquids through walls of non-metallic containers without direct contact with the target material. The ability to ignore false signals from foam, material build-up and clumping at distances of up to 25 mm, provides for reliable detection of true fluid levels. Standard housing materials include PVC, PBT, POM, and can accommodate temperatures of up to 480°F.

Lubricant Identification Tags
Trico's (www.tricocorp.com) Specturm tags are designed to provide proper identification of lubricants from storage to point-of-use. Made of durable 1/16-in. UV inhibited plastic and color-coded, Spectrum tags are weather and chemical resistantable to withstand acids, caustics, oils and abrasions with optional barcoding to help assure the right lubricant is delivered to the right machine.

Long-Bed CNC Lathes
The SL-20L long-bed lathe from Haas Automation (www.HaasCNC.com) provides a maximum cutting length of 40-in. and cutting diameter of 10.3 in., with part swings of 23 in. over the front apron and 9.5 in. over the cross slide and an A2-6 spindle nose and 8.3-in. hydraulic chuck with a bar capacity of 2 in. The SL-30L offers 60-in. turning length and a cutting diameter of up to 17 in. with maximum parts swings of 30 in. over the front apron and 14.5 in. over the cross slide.

ERP Software
IQMS's (www.iqms.com) Enterprise IQ ERP version software features more than 1,000 built-in reports and 400 enhancements encompassing quality management, electronic data interchange, warehouse management, product lifecycle management, security and forecasting, including: batch employee responsibility reassignment capabilities; drop-ship functionality between sales order, purchase order, and shipping; production cost calculations by lot number; and more.

Linear Way Slant Bed Lathes
Romi Machine Tools' (www.romiusa.com) GL240 and GL260 linear way slant bed lathes are engineered for heavy-duty cutting. The GL240 has a 12-station tool turret, A2-5 spindle and 240 x 400-mm work envelope, while the GL260 also has a 12-station turret with an A2-6 spindle and 280 x 500- mm work envelope.

Handheld Pressure and Temperature Calibrator
Designed to meet line-test application requirements for setting pressure switches and relief valves along with calibration of pressure transducers, Ashcroft's (www.ashcroftinc.com) Heise PTE-1 handheld precision calibrator features a modular sensor system that can be configured to measure from 0-.25-in. H2O to 0-10,000 psi through the use of resistance temperature detectors or thermocouples with onboard jacks providing measurement of voltage and current. The twin LCDs provide simultaneous display of any two measurements.