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What Suppliers Need to Know Right Now

Published on 5/18/2020

This is a time of reckoning for the auto industry, says Paul Eichenberg. He has some recommendations as to how companies can make their way through it.


The Future Is Electric and Now

Published on 10/26/2020

Paul Eichenberg says suppliers need to be positioning themselves for a different automotive future—or ride their businesses to an inevitable end


The Future of the Auto Industry Really Is Now

Published on 7/15/2019

If you’re an automotive supplier, you really need to see this show


The Auto Industry in 2019—and Beyond

Published on 12/23/2019

What do events in 2019 portend for the industry’s future?


Five Automotive Predictions for the New Decade

Published on 1/28/2020

What worked in the past is going to be challenged in the future—if not outright eliminated by technological changes


Why Detroit Needs the Valley—and Vice Versa

Published on 6/4/2019

Anyone can see the looming changes facing global automakers who are grappling with new technologies, stricter emissions standards, and apps that are turning car buyers into renters (or simply riders). Automobiles are increasingly becoming connected, electrified, and autonomous supercomputers on wheels.


The Electric Future Is Here & There’s No Going Back

Published on 12/7/2020

New lower-cost batteries could mean that we've reached the tipping point for the industry’s shift to BEVs earlier than had been anticipated.


The Incredible Impact of Electrification

Published on 2/4/2019

There is no denying that vehicle electrification will change the automotive industry. In fact, it can be argued that electrification will be the biggest disruption in the history of the automotive industry.


COVID-19’s Impact on Suppliers: Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Published on 6/1/2020

The crisis of COVID-19 is exposing structural issues that were already under pressure from the looming juggernauts of electrification, autonomy, shared mobility and connectedness.


Will China Transform the Global Powertrain Strategy?

Published on 6/5/2018

In this market of significant disruption, developing a well-defined vision of the future and a clearly executed strategy will be critical for long-term success.  

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