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Why EV Charging the Other Way Might Be Profitable

Why EV Charging the Other Way Might Be Profitable
ABB is providing a French company with the ability to put EV electricity back into the grid

Cobots: 14 Things You Need to Know

Cobots: 14 Things You Need to Know
What jobs do cobots do well? How is a cobot programmed? What’s the ROI? We asked these questions and more to four of the leading suppliers of cobots. 

Demonstration of a Fanuc CR-7iA/L cobot.

Collaborative Robots: What You Should Know
The touch-sensitive, safety-minded devices occupy a growing niche as manufacturers find new, truly collaborative applications.

New SCARA from Fanuc provides speed and precision.

Robotics Today
A look at some of the new automation technology that can improve productivity.

Valmet Automotive  has ordered more than 250 ABB robots for the production of Mercedes GLCs in Finland.

Adding Auto Capacity... in Finland
Although you may not think “Finland” and “automotive manufacturing,” you should know that there is a company based in Uusikaupunki that has been building cars for a variety of manufacturers since 1969.

Looking at Some Robot Tech

Looking at Some Robot Tech
If you were to see the actual version of this, the MotoEye LT laser seam-tracking device for tracking weld joints at high speed and in real time from the Motoman Robotics Div. of Yaskawa America (, you wouldn’t see that red triangle emerging from the bottom of the camera, the SF-D camera from Servo-Robot.