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Ford, Bosch and Bedrock Collaborate on Automated Parking

Ford, Bosch and Bedrock Collaborate on Automated Parking
Using self-driving technology for something people don’t really care for: Parking

Bosch processor

Big Organizational Change at Bosch
The future—as in a few months from now—is largely digital

Electronic Stability Control Turns 25

Electronic Stability Control Turns 25
Bosch has produced some 250 million units since introducing the anti-skid technology in 1995

Ford Techs Get Virtual Reality Training on Mustang Mach-E

Ford Techs Get Virtual Reality Training on Mustang Mach-E
Using high-tech gaming systems to speed maintenance and repair training

Bosch Aims to Reinvent the Sun Visor

Bosch Aims to Reinvent the Sun Visor
A bona-fide story of necessity being the mother of invention.  

New Defender: The SUV with Two Brains

New Defender: The SUV with Two Brains
Said to be the first vehicle with two embedded modems

Bosch Lidar

Bosch Announces Production-Ready Lidar
It has long been rumored and now it is officially announced.

Bosch is testing out three-dimensional dash displays that would put data animations front and center.

Bosch's passive 3D technology; NDIR gas sensors
Bosch's passive 3D technology; Optimus Ride uses Velodyne’s lidar sensors in its entire fleet of self-driving vehicles; NDIR gas sensors; 3D Systems/Toyota Motorsport developing new 3D printers, materials and software.

Automotive IIOT

Tiptoeing into Industry 4.0
Developers are making it easier to get started.

Tech: Flexible CNB Film, Bio-Composite Bumpers, and Additive Manufacturing

Tech: Flexible CNB Film, Bio-Composite Bumpers, and Additive Manufacturing
Canatu keeps self-driving sensors warm. A biodegradable bumper. Cadillac’s eye on the road. And MIT ADAPTing to Additive Manufacturing.

Solutions for Success
Bosch has developed the Climo mobile air lab that provides real-time measures of city air quality so countermeasures can be taken sooner rather than later.

“A lot of verification of functions is done by simulation with computer tools, but at the end you have to make sure that the driver benefits and that the system is safe, so you also have to still do road testing like we did in the past,” points out Karl Haupt of Conti. Looked at another way: someone could be a master at Gran Turismo Sport and not be able to drive out of their subdivision without running into a rubbish container or parked car.

The Evolution to Autonomy
According to Continental’s Karl Haupt, the move to automated driving is one that will come in increments, not sudden disruptions.

Yes, this is a lawn mower. But not just any grass clipper. The Indego 400 Connect is able to determine the best path for cutting the lawn and then executing, but it is also smartphone-enabled. Tech like this can help with the development of the tech that will drive you to the golf course (because you don’t need to be cutting your lawn because the robotic lawn mower is doing it for you).

Bosch Advances Autonomy (Even for Lawns & Parking Garages)
Robotic lawn mowers and self-parking technologies—these are the sorts of things that are making autonomous technology possible and more appealing.

Bosch, SAP to Collaborate on Internet of Things
Robert Bosch GmbH and software developer SAP SE have agreed to work together on internet-connected systems for industrial equipment, tools, vehicles and other devices.

Paul Elio, founder and CEO of Elio Motors, plans to launch this vehicle that will be built in the former GM Shreveport Stamping and Assembly plant sometime in 2017. Note well that this isn’t a “niche” vehicle in terms of what he anticipates in terms of production volume, as they’re creating capacity that will allow the build of 1,000 units per day, two shifts.

Does Paul Elio Have Disruptive Technology?
Paul Elio says he recently read The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen (Harvard Business Review Press; 1997) and he thought that it was, in effect, telling the story of Elio Motors (, the company that Elio established in 2009 to create a transformative motor vehicle.

Volkswagen's e-Golf: Adding Electric Power to the Golf Lineup
You can buy gasoline engines. A diesel. And now a Golf that is a full electric vehicle. Here’s a look.

Your Really Smart Car

Your Really Smart Car
Vehicles are being engineered with a silicon infrastructure that does everything from control the powertrain to allowing remote connections—including the possibility of hacking.

Bosch Sees Increasing Hybridization
Bernd Bohr, then-chairman of the Bosch Automotive Group (, made some interesting observations at a technical event in mid-June (he retired from his position at the end of June 2013) that indicate the auto industry is on a path toward increased electrification, whether this means hybrids or electric vehicles (Bosch is behind the electric drive system in the Fiat 500e). Bohr pointed out that globally, most cars run on gasoline or diesel and are likely to through the end of the decade.

Nearly Steer-by-Wire
What Is It?Active Steer is as close to steer-by-wire as you can get in production.