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As Seen In AutoBeat

Bosch is testing out three-dimensional dash displays that would put data animations front and center.

Bosch's passive 3D technology; NDIR gas sensors
Bosch's passive 3D technology; Optimus Ride uses Velodyne’s lidar sensors in its entire fleet of self-driving vehicles; NDIR gas sensors; 3D Systems/Toyota Motorsport developing new 3D printers, materials and software.

The ProJet MJP 2500 IC by 3D Systems offers a new solution on investment casting, one that suggests fewer hours for metal parts at a fraction of the price. 

Tech Watch: January 2019
Flexible, 3D metal; Denso takes stake in Infineon; ProJet by 3D systems; AdaSky Viper camera tech.

This screenshot of 3D Sprint plastic additive software from 3D Systems shows an automotive mirror and gauge cluster assembly ready to print with support structures.

Additive Manufacturing Requires More Than Scanning to a Point Cloud
After scanning to a point cloud, additive manufacturing requires some part design features not common in subtractive manufacturing.

ATS Inspect 6.0 lets operators enter defects directly to 3D CAD models by simply rotating the model using a mouse or touchscreen, zoom in on the defect area, then assigning the defect.

Inspection Software Advances
What more can be done to metrology software?  Plenty, as this round of new features shows in the  2017 versions of three inspection software packages.  

Additive @ Ford
Here’s a look at how additive technology is being thought of—and used— at Ford.

Improving CAM for Better Machining
The latest improvements in CAM lead to reduced cycle times, reduced tool wear, better profits.

Geomagic Enhances 3D Capabilities for Realities Virtual and Actual
The latest enhancements in Geomagic’s software for metrology, mesh editing, and 3D modeling include new features, enhanced capabilities—and new product names.

Accelerate - July 2013
Go!SCAN Meets Go!MODEL; Portable 3D Printer; 3-D in Zero G

3D Tech & the Re-localization of Manufacturing

3D EV; fluid dynamics; small-scale, functional 3D printing; and more...

3D printing; mainstreaming additive manufacturing and more.

3D printing; optical measuring and data acquisition sensor; free interactive CAD plug-in tool; cast urethane molding; 3D/2D software.

Rapid Prototyping: How It's Done at GM
Additive manufacturing technology is helping the automaker reduce product development times and costs.

ABS plastic

Rapid Prototyping: Bigger & Stronger
Once it was all about small, fragile parts. But now, models made with rapid prototyping equipment are not only sizable, but durable.

A Quick Look at Rapid Prototyping
Nowadays you have a slew of machines to choose from for making physical reality out of virtual solid models.