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Crash dummy torso showing 3D-printed components.

Crash Dummies Impacted by Additive
Humanetics develops new process for building its latest crash test dummy model, using 3D printing for much of the construction. 

Plastics: The Tortoise and the Hare
Plastic may not be in the news as much as some automotive materials these days, but its gram-by-gram assimilation could accelerate dramatically.

Advancing Materials Through Advanced Research & Development @ DuPont
Jeff Sternberg—a chemist—is helping automakers achieve their lightweight objectives as he is DuPont’s global automotive technology director.

DuPont’s Approach to Bio-based Plastics
Addressing the demands of OEMs for more sustainable materials and recognizing the changes in the cost and availability of petroleum, DuPont is working to develop bio-based plastics that are, in some cases, even better than their traditional alternatives.

DuPont Learns By Doing
Although the topic was ostensibly the implementation of plastic materials under the hood as replacements for metals—and with there being some significant reasons for doing so, as in “Weight savings vary from 20 to 50%, depending on the component.

Plastics Role in Future Car Designs
DuPont engineering survey highlights some of the latest issues and developments.

High-Performance Battery Separators
A nonfiber-based polymeric separator for lithium-ion batteries capable of boosting power 15 to 30% and extending life up to 20% for hybrid and electric vehicles has been developed by DuPont.

TransAtlantic Transitions: Plastics Move From Over There To Over Here
Although the U.S. is certainly a place where plenty of trends are started, some engineering trends start in Europe and make their way west. As in the case of some plastic applications under the hood.