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Internal Combustion Engine

The On-Going Relevance of the Internal Combustion Engine
One day the world’s roads may be filled with vehicles that emit just a hum from their motors. But in the meantime, there are all of those vehicles being built with engines that have exhausts that need to have their emissions minimized and their sounds optimized. Which is what Tenneco’s Ben Patel is focusing on.

One of the advantages that friction welding offers is the ability to weld dissimilar materials.

Advancing Manufacturing Tech—with Friction
As manufacturers are looking for process changes, friction welding can provide a great opportunity in production.

The Future of Powertrains: What Will We See Under the Hood?
The 2016 to 2025 CAFE standards will bring many significant alterations to automotive powertrains, with even more and greater change to follow.

Piston Ring Coating with Exceptional Performance Developed
New piston ring coating from Federal-Mogul Powertrain can result in improved fuel economy in both gasoline and diesel engines.

Federal-Mogul Piston Is Lighter Yet Strong
According to powertrain engineers at Federal-Mogul, within the next few years specific power outputs from engines will increase from around 95 kW/liter to 130 kW/liter, and peak combustion pressures from 110 bar to 130 bar.

Electronics: Touch-free Lighting, Smart Fibers, and more

Electronics: Touch-free Lighting, Smart Fibers, and more
Touch-free Interior Lighting; Smart Fibers; Anatomically-based Anti-theft System

Federal-Mogul Advances Ignition
New advanced combustion strategies can mean new approaches to creating that combustion event. Federal-Mogul has developed a corona ignition technology that can replace the spark plug with impressive results.

Powertrain Technology: Acknowledging Advances
There is a lot going on in the powertrain arena, both in terms of new transmission technology that is being developed for not only the race tracks of the world, but for the street, as well as in the process and technology realm, where creating better performing product is paramount. Here’s a look at a slice of some of what’s been happening of late.

Better Diesel Pistons
Federal-Mogul has developed a process that improves the life for diesel pistons. Significantly improves their life. Here's how.