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As Seen In AutoBeat

A new frequency-domain method in RomaxDesigner R17 for simulating sideband noise in planetary gears helps in evaluating rotating gear mesh forces in a planetary gear system, component rotation on the full system vibration response and manufacturing variability.

Powertrain Simulation Addresses Complex Challenges
Multi-physics analysis software is perfect for simulating vehicle powertrain systems. Even better is simulation software for powertrain development.

Battery management system (BMS) developed by FEV can be used for hybrid or full electric vehicles.

FEV Develops BMS for EVs
Although FEV (fev.com/en.html) may be ordinarily associated with gasoline- and diesel-powered engines, the company recognizes that there are changes aborning in the whole powertrain area.

FEV: Pursuing & Developing Powertrain Performance
Making powertrain technologies work together isn’t enough, says FEV. Today, every system in the vehicle must work together to manage energy use.

Steel Strikes Back: Again
The steel industry is working on new material grades and processes in order to keep its position as the material of choice in the auto industry.

On CNG, Hybrids & Real-World Efficiencies
The CEO of automotive supplier KSPG thinks that CNG is a great alternative, that hybrids can be overrated, and there are still gains for internal combustion engines.Dr.