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Turn-Cut is a programming option on Okuma horizontal machining centers that allows the machine to create bores and diameters without special attachments or fixtures.

High-Speed Machining Means More Than Quick Spindles
Data collection, networking and machine design options are driving notable improvements and cost savings.

                         A C7 engine being setup on a dyno at the GM Performance and Racing Center. The facility has four dynos, two gas-powered engine dynos and a gas-powered driveline dyno and an electric driveline dyno.

Inside the GM Powertrain Performance and Racing Center
GM has a serious commitment to advancing the art and engineering of powertrains—and its support of racing is part of it. Here’s a look at a new facility dedicated to developing engines for cars that go fast. Really fast.

Tools of the Trade: Machining
Here are some things to know if you're in the metal removal arena — they'll help you get it done faster, better, and probably less expensively.