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As Seen In AutoBeat

Setups within PowerMill 2019 contain workplane, stock, toolpaths, and clamp entities for each machining setup. This single group helps manage machining components across multiple fixtures in multiple machining operations, thereby increasing productivity.

Time to Upgrade Your CAM Software?
Improvements to the 2019 versions of CAM software go well beyond user interface/experience enhancements, even though the changes might seem small.

Developing tools and programs through cloud-based information can accelerate operations.

Speeding Production with Digital Tooling
More than product specs for the cloud crowd, this approach to machining setup can massively accelerate things—both the planning and the operation.

In Edgecam 2017 R1, a dialog box lets users add pre-machined part files and specify where those parts are to be mounted on a multi-component work-holding device.

CAM Does More in 2017
The latest advances in computer-aided manufacturing software do more of the job of programming toolpaths while making such work simpler for the machinist.

The new Max Trochoidal Width parameter in Esprit 2016's ProfitMilling strategy allows passes to vary from wide to narrow, which lets machinists generate trochoidal movements for any size or shape pocket.

Advancing Manufacturing with Manufacturing Software
Increased automation, feeds and speeds, accuracy and ease of use are the general themes in this year’s machining software enhancements.