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(Image: Siemens Digital Industries Software)

What the Roman Empire Has to Do With Product Lifecycle Management (We’re Not Kidding)
Although you might think of product lifecycle management only in the context of a software package, that’s only half of it, as CIMdata’s Peter Bilello explains.

Every Second Counts at Penske Racing
During a NASCAR season, parts break.

CAD For The Small, Medium, and Large
Price, breadth of features, and product lifecycle management are what mostly separate CAD systems in corporate eyes.

Heavyweight Collaboration Through Lightweight JT
The ability to visualize design data of various types across platforms is now possible through a file format named “JT.” What’s more, the file sizes are but a fraction of what’s ordinarily been the case. This could be a tremendous boost for those who are looking for more collaborative processes.

The ABCs of PLM
Just what are the elements of a PLM system? Or could be? This article helps spell those out.

Putting the "I" in Integration
Parametric Technology Corp.'s (PTC, Waltham, MA) aggressive upgrade of Pro/ENGINEER (Pro/E) and its sibling design/analysis/manufacturing tools contain hundreds of enhancements.

Animate Your CAD
In two hours or less, you can create fairly sophisticated animations from your CAD system's solid models so that people who know nothing more than how to use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint on their Windows-based computers can better understand a part or assembly design

PC-based CAD for the Rest of Us
For many automotive suppliers, Windows-based 3D CAD packages are now a reasonable alternative to high-end, Unix-based CAD systems. They run on inexpensive PCs, are full of features, interoperate with legacy data, and they've got the smarts to help designers out.

What Makes Automotive CAD/CAM Systems So Special?
The high-end automotive CAD/CAM systems do a whole lot more than their name implies. In addition to design and manufacturing, they have the ability to support analysis, product data management, and more.

Reciprocating Engines Never Had it so Good
Before a single piston part is produced, Zollner Pistons has run it through a complete design and analysis process to ensure optimized part design and high part quality—in record time.

CAD Vendors Create New Solutions
Shifting alliances, the continued encapsulation of engineering expertise, and the drive to reduce the complexity of today's computer-aided design (CAD) systems are just some of the latest milestones on the path toward solids modeling becoming the de facto design engineering tool.

Back to Basics: Analyzing Smaller Chunks in FEA Leads to Part Optimization
While FEA is firmly entrenched in engineering—based on a lot of mathematics and physics—this easy-to-use tool is invaluable for part and product optimization.

Bobby Rahal

Racing with Technology
Here's a look at how CAD/CAM/CAE systems and CNC machine tools are being used by Team Rahal to develop vehicles that may be just a little bit faster than those that the other guys have on the track.