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A close-up of the LSAM’s polymer printing head in action. (Image: Thermwood Corp.)

Smoothing the Path to Large-scale Additive Manufacturing
Local Motors is making 90 percent of its autonomous minibus on a single giant 3D printer—and it is ramping up its output.

Connected, Vibration-dampening Tool Holder

Connected, Vibration-dampening Tool Holder; Robust Hardness Tester; Mini End Mills
Connected, Vibration-dampening Tool Holder; Robust Hardness Tester; Mini End Mills

The ASG CCS small, lightweight electric screwdriver system designed particularly for low torque applications.

What's New in Automotive Manufacturing?
Low-torque fastening system, collaborative robot with built-in vision system; face mill for thin-walled aluminum parts; semi-automatic cable stripper.

The FreeTurn tool’s slim shank and axial concept is designed to optimize the direction of the cutting forces into the spindle. At the front is the multi-sided insert; each edge of the insert has different properties.

CNC Lathe Advances Breed Novel Cutting Tool Designs
Y-axis travels and secondary spindles have engendered some new approaches to familiar tasks.

Twelve-station Rotary Transfer Machine

12-station Rotary Transfer Machine; Drills Optimized for Aluminum; High-precision Abrasive Waterjet
Twelve-station Rotary Transfer Machine; Drills Optimized for Aluminum; High-precision Abrasive Waterjet

Autodesk Fusion Production software lets manufacturers digitize their production by combining production planning, job tracking and machine monitoring into a single tool.

The Network and the Sensor
The smart-factory world of digital manufacturing is coming, and manufacturing-technology developers are eager to help you be ready.  

Hard turning in place of grinding for hardened steel parts can offer great gains in throughput while maintaining required surface finish and dimensional requirements.

Improving Hard Turning
While it is pointed out that using hard turning in place of grinding for case-hardened or induction-hardened steel components such as transmission shafts and gears can reduce both machining costs and time by as much as 70 percent or more, according to the people at Sandvik Coromant Co. ( such gains are achievable only if that hard turning (usually performed as a finishing or semi-finishing process) is performed with optimized insert grades.

IMTS 2016 Preview

IMTS 2016 Preview
About the Event The 2016 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) marks the 31st edition of the event which will take place September 12-17, 2016, at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Machining Today
As materials are introduced to automotive production plants, so, too, are the tools needed to machine them. Here’s a look at some of the developments.

Major Gains in Energy Reduction through Minor Adjustments
You may be surprised at how you can achieve output, quality, and energy savings in machining operations.

On Mfg - April 2014

On Mfg - April 2014
New Inserts for Machining Cast Iron  What: Two Tiger•tec Silver geometries and two grades for cast iron machining: RK5 for roughing and RK7 for interrupted cuts.

Removing Metal
Some things remain the same. But there are also significant changes in the area of cutting metal.

Need to Know: IMTS 2012

Need to Know: IMTS 2012
International Manufacturing Technology Show - September 10-15, 2012 - Chicago, IL.

On Mfg
Inserts for improved turning; thread tapping tools; interference-free five-axis machining.

New Process Developed for Gear Machining
Heller Machine Tools and Voith, a Germany-based transmission manufacturer, have developed a process that permits the pre-milling and milling operations to produce bevel gears and gear components on a five-axis machining center rather than on a dedicated gear-making machine.To produce gears, they start with the drawing of the part.

Tools of the Trade: Machining
Here are some things to know if you're in the metal removal arena — they'll help you get it done faster, better, and probably less expensively.