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Electronic Work Instructions Aid Quality
Providing electronic instructions not only helps operators, but because changes can be automatically made in case of quality glitches, they can maintain production flow.

Teamcenter Product Configurator guides users in creating product models using the configuration rules and defined variants specified for validated product configurations.

Siemens PLM Launches More Comprehensive PLM Capabilities
From costing to configuring, from planning to executing, the latest release of Teamcenter handles all this and more.

 The Robotic Composite 3D system. Printing can be done in eight axes with fiber-reinforced thermoplastic. The robot moves the print head in the orientation required by the build. This is not the typical layer-by-layer approach to part production.

Lightweighting Special Coverage: Light, Strong and Printed
Advances in additive manufacturing technology can potentially result in the proliferation of more lightweight, printed parts.

Optimizing energy consumption saves money and the environment. Plant Simulation in Tecnomatix, from Siemens PLM, can display 2D (top) and 3D (left) views of energy usage so that manufacturing engineers can analyze and optimize energy consumption.

Sustainable Manufacturing: There Are Apps for That
Software that supports sustainable manufacturing and environmentally conscious products help make going green somewhat easier.

CNC Upgrades for Improved Machine Tools
Faster motion, better accuracy and easier integration.